Plants are an important part of nature. They can survive on land and underwater. We get many things from the plants that are very useful like food, wood, paper, etc. Mostly our foods come from plants like fruits, vegetables, pulses, cereals, etc. We can use each and every part of a plant like roots, stems, flowers, leaves and fruit of the plant.


Plants have different parts that serve various functions 



 Science Class 2 Plants


Roots lie below the surface of the soil that holds the plant firmly in its place. It mainly absorbs water and nutrients for the growth of the plant. It also stores food and provides support to the plant. 

Science Class 2 Plants


The stem can be green or brown in colour and can be thin or thick. It holds the plant straight and carries water and minerals from the roots to the leaves and takes the food from the leave to the plant to be distributed and stored. It supports the branches, leaves, flowers and fruits and connects them with the roots.

Science Class 2 Plants


Leaf is the green structure of plant which is blade-like and is attached to a stem. Leaves are of different shapes, sizes and texture. They can wide and hairy whereas some leaves are small and thin. Green leaves prepare food for the plant through the process of photosynthesis so the leaves are called food factory of the plants. In the process of photosynthesis, leaf prepares food material in the presence of sunlight, water, carbon dioxide and a green pigment called chlorophyll present in the leaf.


Science Class 2 Plants


The flowers are the most attractive part of a plant. Each flower has a different physical structure, colour and fragrance and differs from other flower type plants. Petals and the flowers attract insects and bees which helps in pollinating the flower. Sweet smelling petals of a flower are used for making perfumes. Flowers are used for decorations and for making garlands.

Science Class 2 Plants


The fruit is a fleshy or dry ripened part of a plant, enclosing the seed or seeds.

Science Class 1 Plants


Seeds are the hard part inside a fruit. Mostly the plants grow from seeds. Seeds of some fruits are edible while some are not.

Science Class 1 Plants

Plant Needs

All living organisms need food for growth. Plants also need food so they prepare their own food. The necessary ingredients plants need to make their food are:-

Science Class 1 Plants

Answer the following-

  1. Name the parts of the plant.
  2. Give 2 examples each of the parts of a plant.
  3. What does a plant require to make food?



  • Parts of a plant are-
  1. Roots 2. Stem 3. Leaves 4. Flower

Science Class 1 Plants

5 Fruits 6. Seeds

  • Roots absorb water and minerals.
  • A stem is the support system transports water and minerals to the leaves and the transports food from leaves to other parts.
  • Leaves prepare food for the plant.
  • Flower helps in pollination and reproduction.
  • Fruits are used for consumption and it carries seeds.
  • Seeds are used for further reproduction.
  • A plant needs sunlight and adequate water for making food.