A plant is a living thing which makes its own food. Once will find plants and trees everywhere.

Now you must be wondering about the variety of plants. Let us have a look at some types of plants that exist.

Types of Plants

1. Climbers

  • Weak and soft
  • Needs support
  • Money plan

Science Class 2 Plants Climbers

2. Herbs

  • Soft green color stem
  • Used for cooking, medicines, food or perfumes
  • Coriander

Science Class 2 Plants Herbs


3. Shrubs

  • Grow near the ground
  • Smaller than a tree
  • Cotton plant

Science Class 2 Plants Shrubs

4. Wild Plants

  • Grow naturally
  • Do not care personal care
  • Can be grass, trees.
  • Grass

Science Class 2 Plants Wild Plants

5. Water Plants

  • Grow in water
  • Have large floating leaves
  • Stem stays underwater
  • Lotus

Science Class 2 Plants Water Plants

Uses of Water

  • As a food
  • Keeps the air clean
  • In perfumes
  • For wood and paper
  • Provide us medicines
  • Provide fiber

Care of Plants

  • Water is needed for plants to grow
  • They should be placed in sunlight
  • Cleanliness is very important for plants.


  • The plant is a living thing which makes its own food.
  • Plants and trees are everywhere.
  • Plants are used in various functions like –
    • As food
    • In medicines
    • In perfumes