Weather and Climate 

class 6 climate

Weather and climate are the daily conditions of the atmosphere that contains humidity, temperature, wind speed, rainfall, etc. These conditions together define the weather at the particular place.

The incoming ultraviolet rays are absorbed and deflected by the atmosphere. In the early morning, the temperature is low which gets increased in afternoon and decreases in the evening. This cycle is never-ending.

In the same way, some constituents of weather are snow, thunder, rain lightning. Sometimes there is peace and calmness in weather and sometimes violence.

Sun is responsible for the weather changes. Sun has very high temperature and its distance from us is huge. Sun provides heat and light.

The average pattern of weather recorded for a long time gives climate.

Role of Gases in Weather

There are gases which play a very important role in the determination of weather. These gases are methane, water vapour, carbon dioxide, etc. These gases bring variations in the weather.

Recording the weather

  • The weather is recorded by meteorologists every day.
  • These recordings of weather are kept safe for several decades.
  • Such records help to understand the weather pattern of various places


class 6 climate


Calculation of mean temperature of a month

  • First of all the average temperature is found out for the month.
  • Then the average is calculated for several years

For Example-

The mean temperature will help to make a comparison between the temperature of Jaipur in Rajasthan and Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir. It will tell which place is hot and which place is wet.

Climate and Adaptations

The climate is different in different parts of the world and the responsibility for this is with the Sun.

Five major types of Climate are

  1. Moist tropical climates - These climates have very high temperatures and have a huge amount of rain every year
  1. Dry Climates – They have less amount of rain but the daily temperature range is high.
  1. In humid latitude climates – In this climate, the differences in land or water play an important role. Dry and warm summers exist here with cool wet winters.
  1. Continental Climate – These climates have a large amount of snow cover every year due to low temperatures. The precipitation distribution is even here.
  1. Cold Climates in Polar areas – These are the areas which have a high coverage of ice for the whole year.

Adaptation of Animals

class 6 climate

The animals adapt themselves into the various conditions for which they require some features.

For example-

  • The thick layer of fur on the body of polar bears from them from adverse weather conditions. Also, contain a layer of good fat under their skin.
  • When it comes to fishes they move deeper into the water which keeps them warm.
  • Birds migrate to hot places in winters and in cool places in summers. They travel a lot for this migration.


  • The daily change in the atmospheric conditions is known as weather.
  • When an average of atmospheric conditions is taken out for long period then it is known as climate.
  • Rainfall, wind speed, humidity are some elements of weather.
  • When animals have some special habits to protect from weather conditions than it is said as the adaptation.