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Living Organisms and their Surroundings

Living Organisms and their Surroundings
science Square
Science Square

Each and every living organisms have a habitat where they live in. The surroundings are suitable for these animals to carry on their daily activities. Without habitat, it will become difficult for this living organisms to survive.

Different Types of Habitat

There are different types of habitats which animals accept as their surroundings which help them sustain their life.

class 6 livingorganisms

  1. Lion

class 6 livingorganisms

  1. Deer

class 6 livingorganisms

class 6 livingorganisms


  1. Mountain Deer

class 6 livingorganisms

  1. Wolf

class 6 livingorganisms

  1. Bear

class 6 livingorganisms

class 6 livingorganisms

class 6 livingorganisms

class 6 livingorganisms


  1. Shark

class 6 livingorganisms

  1. Octopus

class 6 livingorganisms


Do all living things need food?

 We learnt that all living things need food and it is essential it is to animals and to us. We know that plants make their own food through the process of photosynthesis. Animals do depend on plants and other animals for their food. Food gives organisms the energy needed by them to grow. Organisms need this energy to carry out other life processes that go on inside them.

Do all living beings grow?

We must have grown taller during these years. We might not realise it, but we are growing all the time and in few more years we will become an adult. Young ones of animals grow into adults. We surely notice that pups grow into adults. A chicken hatches from an egg then grows into a hen or a cock. Plants also grow. Look around us and we will see a few plants of a particular type. Some of them are very small and young, some of them are grown. They all have different stages of growth.


  • There are four types of habitats, which include desert, forests. Mountains and water
  • Examples of animals in the desert are camel and lizard.
  • Examples of aquatic animals are octopus, shark and whale.
  • Examples of animals in the mountain are deer, wolf and bear.
  • Examples of animals in the forest are tiger, lion and deer.
  • All living beings need food
  • All living beings grow.



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