The Weather

Our Earth is surrounded by a layer of air which is called atmosphere. Sometimes the air becomes hot and sometimes it becomes cold. This change in atmosphere is known as weather. It keeps changing daily and even from hour to hour.


Types of Weather

·         Rainy

·         Stormy

·         Cloudy

·         Partly Cloudy

·         Sunny

·         Snowy

·         Warm Temperature

·         Cold Temperature

·         Hot Temperature

·         Freezing Temperature


The Sky

We live on Earth and see sun, moon and stars in the sky. They are called heavenly bodies. The sun is a star, the earth is a planet and moon is a natural satellite. All the heavenly bodies in space are called the universe.

The Sun

We see the sun in the sky. The sun is a big ball of fire. It gives us light and heat. Plants need sunlight to live and grow. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. 

class 1 weather

The Moon and the Stars

At night, we see the moon shining brightly. We also see many stars twinkling in the sky. The moon moves around the Earth. There is no life on the moon.

class 1 weather



We see clouds in the sky too. Clouds are the storehouse of water and are responsible for the rain.

class 1 weather


Rainbow is formed in the sky when the sunlight passes through the water droplets which splits into the colours of a rainbow. There are seven colours in a rainbow because water droplets split the white light into the seven colours.

class 1 weather


Answer the following-

  1. What is atmosphere?
  2. What are the types of weather?
  3. What gives us light and heat?
  4. What do we see at night?
  5. What moves around the earth?


  • The layer of air around which we are surrounded is called atmosphere.
  • Weather keeps on changing daily and from hour to hour.
  • We live on Earth.
  • The sun is a big ball of fire.
  • The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
  • We see the moon and the stars at night.