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science Square
Science Square

What is Occupation?

  • Occupation is a job that a person does.
  • Different people have different occupations
  • Occupation makes a person earn

Different types of Occupations

1. Doctor

  • A doctor treats patients

Science Class 2 Occupations Doctor

2. Chemist

  • A chemist gives medicines prescribed by a doctor.

Science Class 2 Occupations Chemist

3. Engineer

  • An engineer designs and constructs roads, buildings.

Science Class 2 Occupations Engineer

4. Mechanic

  • A mechanic repairs machines and vehicles.

Science Class 2 Occupations Mechanic

5. Teacher

  • A teacher teaches in schools and colleges.

Science Class 2 Occupations Teacher

6. Postman

  • A postman brings letters and parcels

Science Class 2 Occupations Postman

7. Policeman

  • Maintains law and order
  • Catches thieves

Science Class 2 Occupations Policeman

8. Farmer

  • A farmer grows crops, fruits and vegetables.

Science Class 2 Occupations Farmer

9. Carpenter

  • A carpenter makes and repairs wooden things and furniture.

Science Class 2 Occupations Carpenter

10. Tailor

  • A tailor stitches our clothes.

Science Class 2 Occupations Tailor

11. Pilot

  • A pilot flies an airplane.

Science Class 2 Occupations Pilot

12. Actor

  • An actor performs in plays and movies.

Science Class 2 Occupations Actor

13. Barber

  • A barber cuts our hair.

Science Class 2 Occupations Barber

14. Cobbler

  • A cobbler repairs our footwear.

Science Class 2 Occupations Cobbler

15. Architect

  • An Architect designs buildings and houses.

Science Class 2 Occupations Architect


  • Occupation is a job that a person does.
  • Different people have different occupations
  • Occupation makes a person earn


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Quiz for Occupation


Who was Albert Einstein?

a) Painter
b) Soldier
c) Scientist
d) Politician


Who among the following takes care of patients admitted to a hospital?

a) Nurse
b) Soldier
c) Electrician
d) Mechanic


A _______ protects an individual from enemies or any other danger.

a) Plumber
b) Architect
c) Doctor
d) Bodyguard


What is the occupation of the person in the picture?

a) Architect
b) Cobbler
c) Mason
d) Gardener


Who is Shah Rukh Khan?

a) Athlete
b) Actor
c) Politician
d) Doctor


Identify the occupation.

a) Soldier
b) Policeman
c) Postman
d) Mechanic


Where would you go if you want to get some medicines?

a) Gardener
b) Cobbler
c) Plumber
d) Chemist


What is the occupation of the lady cutting the hair?

a) Barber
b) Cobbler
c) Painter
d) Carpenter


Who is David Beckham?

a) Chef
b) Politician
c) Scientist
d) Footballer


What does postman bring?

a) Food
b) Animals
c) Letters
d) Candy

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