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We have preparation material for class 2. The Science material is made in such a way that it caters to the demand of both Olympiad books for class 2 and normal school curriculum books of Science for class 2. If you are looking for Science Olympiad book PDF, then you can check our Science notes to get a better understanding of each and every Olympiad topic of class 2. Each Science topic consists of their definitions, along with their sub-topics. There are solved examples of each sub-topic. We also have practice questions for Science Olympiad after solved examples of Science topics. The Science notes for class 2 end with a recap section, so that you can have a quick revision for the Science Olympiad topic that you just studied. These free Science Olympiad preparation material will help you to get a clear understanding of all the topics of a particular class for Science Olympiad.  The providers of Science Olympiad books for class 2 may not have updated syllabus and topics. Whereas, we have updated syllabus and topics for Science, along with the practice questions of Science Olympiad, which you may not find in offline Science Olympiad books for class 2.


Animals Animals are the living creatures Animals require water, air and shelter Food habits are different among different animals Domestic animals are friends of humans Wild animals live in forest…

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Human Body

Internal Organs Parts of our body Are not directly visible to us Internal organs include the following parts of our body- Function of Internal Organs 1. Brain Brain is placed…

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What is Occupation? Occupation is a job that a person does. Different people have different occupations Occupation makes a person earn Different types of Occupations 1. Doctor A doctor treats…

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A plant is a living thing which makes its own food. Once will find plants and trees everywhere. Now you must be wondering about the variety of plants. Let us…

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Family and Festivals

Family The family is formed when people live together by ties of blood, marriage or adaptation. Types of Family 1. Nuclear Family When a family has few members including the…

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Food We Eat Fruits Vegetables Seeds Healthy food Junk food Common dishes Fruits Part of plant Contains seeds Are liked and eaten by everyone Give lots of vitamin Vegetables Provide…

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Housing and Clothing

House Shelter is required by everyone to live Houses include doors, windows, walls, etc. Houses protect us from weather, animals, and dust. Different Types of Houses Igloo Made up of…

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Water and Rocks

Water Water is a natural resource Water is required by humans, plants and animals to drink and live There is no fixed shape of water. Earth surface is covered by…

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Transport and Communication

Transport Transport is a means to travel from one place to another. Goods are also carried using transport. Means of transport moves on water, air and land. Means of Land…

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Good Habits and Safety Rules

Good Habits Good habits make a person happy and healthy. Good habits make a good person Children with good manners will be loved by all Some good habits are- Wash…

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Earth and Universe

Earth The third planet from the sun is earth We live on earth It looks like bluish green ball The Sun Every morning the sun rises in the east. Every…

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The biggest advantage of these free Science Olympiad preparation PDFs is that they are up-to-date with the latest topics of different Science Olympiads across the world. You can also check free sample papers for level 1 Olympiad and free sample papers for level 2 Olympiad.