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We have preparation material for class 7. The Science material is made in such a way that it caters to the demand of both Olympiad books for class 7 and normal school curriculum books of Science for class 7. If you are looking for Science Olympiad book PDF, then you can check our Science notes to get a better understanding of each and every Olympiad topic of class 7. Each Science topic consists of their definitions, along with their sub-topics. There are solved examples of each sub-topic. We also have practice questions for Science Olympiad after solved examples of Science topics. The Science notes for class 7 end with a recap section, so that you can have a quick revision for the Science Olympiad topic that you just studied. These free Science Olympiad preparation material will help you to get a clear understanding of all the topics of a particular class for Science Olympiad.  The providers of Science Olympiad books for class 7 may not have updated syllabus and topics. Whereas, we have updated syllabus and topics for Science, along with the practice questions of Science Olympiad, which you may not find in offline Science Olympiad books for class 7.

Nutrition in Plants & Animals

The process of having nutrients inside from the foods you consume is called as Nutrition. Nutrients comprise of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Fats and Minerals. Plants and Animals need food as…

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Winds, Storms and Cyclones

Winds When there are variations in the air pressure then winds are caused. The blow of wind takes place from a high-pressure region to low pressure region. The Pressure of…

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Respiration in Organism

When energy is produced through a biological process with the utilization of food then that process is known as Respiration. For the survival and existence of living beings Respiration is…

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Acids, Bases and Salts

Substances can be divided into three types – Acids Bases Salts  Acid Acid tastes sour. The substances that contain acid and are sour are lemon, curd, orange juice, pickles, vinegar,…

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When energy is transferred from a hot body than it is called as heat. The degree of hotness or coldness of something can be understood by the sense of touch.…

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Transportation in Plants and Animals

Circulatory system Oxygen, water and digested food are to be transported in all the parts of the body in Human beings. Waste products have to be removed from the body…

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Natural Resources and Their Conservation

The resources which obtained from nature are known as Natural Resources. These resources cannot be made by humans; they can be obtained from nature. Some Examples of Natural resources are-…

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Weather, Climate And Adaptations Of Animals To Climate

Weather and Climate  Weather and climate are the daily conditions of the atmosphere that contains humidity, temperature, wind speed, rainfall, etc. These conditions together define the weather at the particular…

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Reproduction In Plants

Reproduction is the process in which offering is produced by living beings. This process plays a very important role in the functions of plants. Types of Reproduction Asexual Reproduction –…

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Physical And Chemical Changes

There are different types of changes occurring in our surroundings. Examples are – rising of the sun, trees growing, burning of coal, different size and shape of the moon, etc.…

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Motion And Time

Motion With elapse of time when the position of an object changes to some stationary object like an electric pole, building, then that object is said to be in motion.…

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Characteristics Of Light

Light is never curved and the path is always straight. Only reflection can change the direction of light. When light bounce by smooth surface then it is called as reflection…

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Fiber To Fabric

One of our basic necessities is cloth. Clothes make us civilized and smart and also protects from cold, heat, insects, dust, rain, etc. Clothes are made up of cloth which…

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Electric Currents and Its Effect

Circuit diagram When an electric circuit is represented in a convection pictorial form using symbols for Electronic components, then it is called a circuit diagram. It is also known as…

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Air Air is a Natural Resource Air cannot be touched or seen, can only be felt Air is required by humans, plants and animals to breathe. Wind occurs when air…

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The biggest advantage of these free Science Olympiad preparation PDFs is that they are up-to-date with the latest topics of different Science Olympiads across the world. You can also check free sample papers for level 1 Olympiad and free sample papers for level 2 Olympiad.